Traditional vs Modern, the Addition Edition



1b7aa94482ec7c3bf838e98e32778b53A fireplace is a major focal point in any room and can be elegant, simple, opulent, or purely functional. A good place to start is with the sort of material(s) you want your new fireplace to be constructed of. Traditional fireplaces are more often made from stone or brick, and more contemporary fireplaces sometimes incorporate glass and even concrete.  Fuel is also an important factor to consider: decide between woodnatural gasbiomass and propane fuel sources. When thinking about your fireplace, always consider energy efficiency and upkeep. Regardless of what you choose, a fireplace will (literally and figuratively) add warmth to your home.

Wine Cellars


61e46a91047314837839290abf79511dTraditional wine cellars are romantic and opulent. More modern wine cellars are stylish and incorporate glass or steel. Traditionally built under ground, a modern wine cellar might be a better solution if you don’t want to dig into your foundation. No matter what your stylistic decision is, you can now include some incredible technology in your wine cellar, including inventory software and cooling systems.










brammy-kyprianou-residence-glass-top-wine-cellarCan’t decide between a traditional or a modern? Do a mix of both! A combination of traditional and modern elements makes for a unique addition to your home.