Think Small


Per this article and Michael Anderson of Bike Portland, tiny homes (or ADUs, accessory dwelling units) now make up about three percent of new dwellings in the city of Portland. That’s one in ten homes! These tiny and sometimes portable homes are 800 square feet or less, slightly bigger than most one-bedroom apartments. Most of these small homes are newly constructed on empty plots of land, including this 740 square foot beauty by Portland couple Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel.

According to the NY times article about the house, The Copenagle-Kennel home was completed in 2012 and cost about $135,000 to build, including materials and labor. Not a lot for your dream home!

Whether you want to build your own tiny home or want to remodel a current small space to better suit your living needs, here are some ideas to get your started:



Lofts are a great way to utilize vertical space. Rather than building additions to your home for extra sleeping space, build up!


Creative Space

The image to the left is of a one-room London apartment  which, with some creative thinking, feels like three. The kitchen fits a sink, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, and induction range behind a fold out door which, when closed, transforms the kitchen into the living room. Fold-out or rolling doors and clever storage space can make a single space suit your varied needs.