Remodeling Your Bathroom: Choosing a New Toilet

bathroom remodel choosing a toilet

bathroom remodel

With the countless trips to our home’s bathroom each day, it is important that your bathroom is one that not only functions well, but also looks attractive. Unfortunately, most homeowners would say that they do not have the perfectly functioning or stylish bathroom – and this often triggers the desire to undertake a bathroom remodel. Bathroom remodels are one of our specialties at Portland Remodel.

One of the critical components of a bathroom remodel is indeed the toilet. If you are in need of a new bathroom toilet, besides looks there are a number of important factors that you may want to take into consideration, including:
• Technology
• Conservation
• Installation

Toilet Technology
The most common type of toilet is a gravity fed toilet; as the name implies, the toilet relies on gravity to help flush the waste away. However, another option is a duel-flush toilet, which provides two options for flushing waste, depending on the need, and often helps conserve water. These have been popular in Europe for years.

In addition to flushing technology, there are also other improvements to toilet technology. Toilets now come with easy-close lids (so little boys can’t accidentally drop the lid and break the seat), heated seats, and some manufacturers (for instance, Toto) even makes toilets with a rinsing wand and air dryer built in.

Water Conservation
Back in 1992 when 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) became Federal law, the manufacturers’ answer to this regulation was to simply reduce the size of the toilet tank – which resulted in poor performance. Homeowners really didn’t conserve water, either, as it often took multiple flushes to get rid of the waste.

However, today the market offers many makes and models of toilets that not only use even less than the 1.6 GPF standard, but that also perform fabulously. Depending on how old the toilets in your home are (and how often you flush), there is the potential to save thousands of gallons a year by investing in a newer, eco-friendly toilet.

Today homeowners have more decisions about installing the toilet other than where to install it. How about how to install it? Toilet are being “wall hung” (mounted on the wall) – which provides more space and easier cleaning under and around the bowl.

As you can see, there are many options when choosing your next bathroom toilet, but with some time and research, you can find a toilet that fits your décor and functional needs.

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