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refurbished furnitureRecycle Your Furniture to Create a New Look

Creating a new look for your home can be expensive unless you use a few money-saving tricks. Many people believe that they must purchase complete new furniture in order to redecorate, and this simply isn’t the case. Professional decorators and remodelers know that you can get a totally new look by recycling your old furniture. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few ways to turn your furniture into a treasured new look:

Refurbish Your Dining Set
Matching dining room furniture can make a room look boring, stuffy and outdated, but breaking up the set can make a big impact – and give your space a refreshing new look. Keep the dining table, and add mismatched chairs to create a more casual, eclectic feel. The dining chairs can then be repurposed throughout your home – in the hall, family room, or even in a bedroom.

Paint or Refinish
If your old furniture is still in relatively good condition, you can paint or refinish it. Give dull furniture a new look by using some high-gloss paint in a bright color. A pop of color will give your room a focal point as well as providing a conversation piece for your guests. This is a cheap and easy method that breathes new life into old furnishings.

Recover Soft Furnishings
Recovering old sofas or chairs is another way to update timeworn pieces. With a few yards of fabric, you could turn that dated-green sofa into a beautiful modern showpiece. No one will ever guess your “new” piece used to look like Granny’s old couch! Bold colors and prints will give you the most impact, but you may also want to consider a more neutral look – depending on the space and natural light available in the room.

Whatever way you choose to recycle your old furniture, remember to have fun. For the price of a little paint or fabric, you can have a whole new room. So don’t even think about throwing out that old table. With a little imagination, those once-tired pieces can quickly become your new favorites.

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