5 Quick & Easy Steps to Creating Your Garage Workshop

If you have the space, why not convert a portion of your garage into a tidy workshop? Here are five easy steps to turn an area of your garage into a perfect small home workshop:

1) Create a workbench area. One easy way to do this is by setting an old door or piece of scrap plywood on top of two saw horses. Make sure that the saw horses are wide enough so that it provides a steady “foundation” for your workbench. This simple solution can provide a nice spot to handle your many around-the-home projects.

2) Mount a pegboard on the wall to store your tools. One of the best places to mount the pegboard is above your workbench. Once it is mounted, strategically place pegs according to the types of tools you will be hanging on the board. After hanging your tools, trace around them with a marker so you know where each one goes.

3) Use old jars for holding nails, nuts, bolts and screws. Depending on how many of each you have, you can put all the same in one jar, or separate them out according to type (such as keeping the wood screws separate from the others).

4) Make a storage box for rags. A shop needs rags, so make a place for them to accumulate before they clutter your work area.

5) Get a small toolbox. As you go from project to project around the house, it is nice to have a small tool box that you can gather all of the tools (and materials – such as screws, tape and nails) you’ll need. This will save you from constantly “running down” to the shop to grab one more thing.

It is amazing how these 5 steps can create a great workspace and give you back some room in your garage.