Let There Be Light!

We thought we’d do a roundup of our favorite windows! Here are 3 types that will help keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and well-lit all year round.


Casement windows


These hinged windows are hinged on the left or the right to open outward. Slightly more traditional than our other choices, hinged windows make for a romantic, practical addition to your home. These windows can be hung from any side. They’re often opened with a crank, and can be left-handed, right-handed, or double. Crank-free casement windows are very popular in Europe, where they decorate buildings that are hundreds of years old.



Floor to Ceiling Sliding Windows

Normally paired with more modern homes, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows can help you to bring the outside-in. Sliding windows often substitute for doors and are perfect for warmer climates. As far as mechanics go, sliding doors are pretty low-maintenance (no parts to break, really) but they can be hard to clean. Also, keep in mind: sliding windows make your interior very visible and unless you’re ready to install floor to ceiling curtains, they are not generally recommended for less-secluded homes.





Stationary Windows

We love stationary windows because they are great for smaller homes that don’t have the square footage for windows that swing open. They’re also nice alternative to sliding windows if you’re concerned about dragging in dust and dirt. Stationary windows are another more modern home addition but the photo to the left features a stationary bay window, which is a great mashup of traditional and modern elements. Stationary bay windows are great if you want to open up and extend a home.  It goes without saying, stationary windows don’t open so if you’re looking for a cooling alternative, we don’t recommend them. However, with the proper building materials and insulation they can be very energy efficient and a great for cooler climates.