Hug it Forward Schools-Eco Friendly Schools

School House

Came across this web site and was just amazed at what these folks are doing. Local children collect empty soda bottles and fill them full of ship bags and candy wrappers resulting in what they call “eco-bricks”. They are then placed between chicken wire panels and covered with cement toe create the walls of the structure. This photo is in La Gloria, the site of Hug It Forward’s eleventh bottle school, is a small agricultural village in the remote cloud forests of Quiche. It is about 5 hours from the municipal capital of Uspantán in an area called the Zona Reina. The Zona Reina is a secluded region of Quiche, which was only accessible by airplane until 2007 when the government built a small one-lane dirt road. The area still does not have electricity or running water. Check out the web site for Hug if Forward

Not your typical remodeling job but how brilliant to use ‘garbage’ to create eco-friendly schools for kids.