A Testimonial


William’s NE home.

Client William Woods very graciously agreed to talk with us about his home repair and why he chose Portland Remodel to tackle the job. Thanks William!
Tell us about your home.

Our house is in NE Portland and is 110 years old.  We have lived here 14 years.

Why did you hire Portland Remodel over other remodeling services?

I needed some cosmetic structural repair done before I could paint the house. I have worked with Steve from Portland Remodel in the past. Steve is the only contractor I talked to that I trusted.  He obviously knows what he is doing.

What are you happiest about with Portland Remodel’s services? What do you love most about your new space?

Portland Remodel is a great resource.  They will return your call and they are very familiar with the Portland area permitting process.  They kept me informed on their progress and did a good clean up job. Steve has a broad background in constructions and has the resources to get a project done from beginning to end.

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