Family-Friendly Updates

045The decision to start or grow your family doesn’t have to hinge on your ability to move. Many homeowners are renovating their current home to suit their needs and the needs of their new family. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Utilize Square-Footage

Knock out walls or construct additions to open up your space. Build lofts or bunk beds to accommodate extra sleeping space. Equip living rooms and children’s rooms with savvy storage for play-things.



For entries, hallways and family rooms, look for flooring that cleans up with a damp mop. Recycled, pre-distressed hardwood floors with a matte, nonskid finish are great for young families. If you do want wall-to-wall carpet, purchase it in a medium-to-dark tone and request a stain-protective finish. Nylon and wool-nylon blends feel soft, resist stains and wear well.


Kid-friendly Additions

Surprise your kids with a clubhouse!  Build a beautiful clubhouse in the trees or in your backyard and keep your kids close to home while they play.  You an even use eco-friendly building materials and paint.