Ask us at Portland Remodel about Home Theater System Basics

Home theater system

You’ve always wanted to watch a movie with the same sound and picture quality that the theater delivers. And now, thanks to technological advances, home theater systems are readily available to give you a movie theater experience in the convenience of your home.


Although a home theater isn’t a new concept, it is one that is much more affordable than ever before. It can be as simple as purchasing an HDTV and nice surround-sound speakers for your family room, to as luxurious as installing a movie-like screen and raised (and comfortable) theater seating in a dimly lit part of your basement.


Consider these basic essentials for any home theater.


At the center of your home theater system is the surround-sound receiver. You can get a receiver that does the job of several components or you can purchase your components separately. You can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for a decent system depending on the components you choose.


Surround Sound

You’ll want a home theater system that delivers the maximum in surround sound. When looking at the various systems on the market, choose one that has crisp and clear sound. Today it isn’t necessary to build-in your speaker system, either. Some of the best sounding speakers are small, and all sit at the front of the room. Another option is wireless speakers that link into a receiver.


Some systems on the low end of cost only come with two speakers; however, if you get a sound system that has four or more speakers, you’ll enjoy the experience much more – because the receiver will take the sound and divide it by the number of speakers – effectively surrounding the room with sound.



Screen Selection

The “screen” choices available are nearly endless: LCD, LED, Plasma and even 3D televisions – in addition to the traditional rear-screen projection. And all are relatively affordable for those of us who are considering installing a home theater.


When it comes to screen selection, don’t be cheap. Invest some money into your screen and make sure it is large enough for the space. In today’s high-definition world, you’ll maximize your viewing enjoyment with a screen that offers a crystal-clear picture.


Auxiliary Equipment

With so many options, this could be where the technology “geek” in all of us will go wild. Besides the game consoles (such as Xbox and Wii) that kids and adults alike enjoy, you’ll want to consider wiring other pieces of equipment into your home theater system. Options include a DVD/Blu-ray player, an iPod/MP3 player, and the Internet for services such as Hulu and Netflix. And beyond a doubt, you’ll want to plan for future technology options, as well.


The truth is, with all these options, your wisest decision may be to work with a remodeler who understands audio/visual equipment. At Portland Remodel we work with AV companies and can advise you on how to set up your home theater system so you and your family can fully enjoy your investment for years to come.