An Overview of Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Home burglaries are on the rise. Just watch your local evening news to see that crimes are happening every day. In fact, in the U.S. every 20 seconds someone discovers that a stranger has invaded their home.

Unfortunately, no one is exempt from a home break-in – not even in the best neighborhoods. From everyday citizens to celebrities, senators and even police officers, a home is burglarized without consideration for who lives in it. If the homeowner is lucky, the only things the thieves take are personal possessions. Those can be replaced. Once someone has stolen your peace of mind, however, it’s much harder to get back.

Home security systems can make sure that your security needs are taken care of, but before you begin, make sure you know which system you want.

For starters, be aware that most security companies require a signed contract – which includes a monthly monitoring fee. You’ll want to read the contract carefully to see what you’re committing to.

Also keep in mind that not all systems are built alike. You can find some home security systems that will encompass all of the entry points in your home (windows, doors, basement, etc.) and you can find others that will cover only a few entry points – making you choose which ones are covered. Before thinking this is a bad option, think of it from this example. Say you have a three-story home. Odds are you won’t need the third floor windows to be wired into the security system – unless there is a way for an intruder to gain easy access to a third floor window (such as a fire escape).

With home security systems, you’ll get a main control panel and perhaps additional keypads to place at different entry points (depending on your specific plan). The type of monthly monitoring package you get depends on whether you go with one where your home is observed 24/7 or whether you elect a less expensive service.

Further, before you decide to install a motion detection system, you’ll need to take into account your family’s activities. For instance, if you have someone who gets up to go to work in the middle of the night and doesn’t get to the alarm control in time, it could wake the entire house. Or if you have college students or young adults living at home who come and go at all hours, a motion sensor system might not be your best choice.

How much does it cost? The two main costs to consider are installation and monitoring. Home security systems are going to cost you based on the level of protection you buy. If you buy a plan that monitors the outside of your home as well as the inside, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 on up for installation, plus a monthly fee.

If you are considering investing in a home security system, just remember to review all the options – and not be scared into buying more than you need. Sometimes the best deterrent for random neighborhood break-ins is having a basic security system and posting the security logo out front.

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