A Pet Friendly Home

Inspired by this Remodelista post, we have some remodeling suggestions for a more pet friendly home.


A pet door

This creative pet door is not only adorable, but also acts as a place for your pooch to call home when you can’t have him in your home. Perfect for colder climates, your dog can camp out in his little space and go outside when he needs to.


An outdoor shower

Particularly useful in coastal or muddy climates (like Oregon), an outdoor shower is a simple installation that you can make to ensure your pet doesn’t muck up your home’s interior. For pools days, or days at the beach, make the shower human friendly too.

Architect-Kimberly-Peck-converted-barn-living-room-RemodelistaA concrete floor

Concrete is not only an environmentally friendly flooring solution, it is also great for pet-owner’s homes. Incredibly durable and easy to clean, concrete never has to be replaced. Concrete floors also stay cool, much to the pleasure of your pet.