6 Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Kitchen into a Masterpiece

Outdoor Kitchens in the Northwest

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Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming the must-have feature for your home, especially for people who love to entertain. But what does it take to turn any-ol’ outdoor kitchen into a fabulous masterpiece? Here are a few ideas:

Pizza Oven – Custom-built pizza ovens are becoming more readily available to the cook-out enthusiasts. Many of these are gorgeous – some even come direct from Italy – and they make amazing outdoor focal-points. Don’t be surprised when your neighbors peer over the backyard fence begging for an invitation. (And you can throw away that pizza delivery number as well!)

Dining Space – What is an outdoor kitchen without an outdoor dining room? Set the mood. Hang a chandelier that is filled with real candles and surround it with some comfortable dining chairs that encourage people to linger.

Herb Garden – Every gourmet cook knows an herb garden in close proximity to his or her outdoor kitchen is a must. Nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs within seconds of picking them. Choose a good spot according to the herb’s growing needs. If you don’t have a garden spot in the ground, plant your herbs in interesting containers, which make for unique decorations, too.

Wine Bar – When you see modern kitchen designs today in glossy magazines, you often see a wine bar included. You can also incorporate a wine bar into an outdoor kitchen, with a few adjustments for the weather, of course. When the conversation is flowing, you don’t want to stop it with a trip inside for another bottle of wine. Keep it handy right there in your backyard kitchen.

Meat Smoker – Not just for southern barbecues anymore, a smoker, either built-in or portable, is another fabulous over-the-top feature in an outdoor kitchen. You’ll find plenty of recipes to smoke your own foods in the comfort of your own backyard.

Built-In Wok – If you like to stir-fry in a wok, you know how much heat and steam, and sometimes smoke, they can cause. Moving this method of cooking outside is a great way to enjoy your wok-cooked meals without smoking-up the inside of your home. And there’s nothing like serving up perfectly seasoned veggies and seafood under the stars.

If cooking and entertaining in your backyard are things you do often, with the addition of these amenities, not only will you “wow” your friends and neighbors, but you will also create lasting memories from the enjoyment you gain from the space.

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