3 Small Bathroom Remodels

A Bathroom remodel is a very popular home improvement these days. But what if you have a small space that cannot be increased?

Older home bathrooms average about 5- by 8-feet. But you can combat that claustrophobic feeling by scaling down physically to save space. There are things you can do to create an illusion of a roomy bathroom. With lighting and the right colors and perhaps a pedestal sink amazing things can be done.
Here are 3 ideas to make your small bathroom appear larger.

A small Bathroom Remodel

Built in Cabinets and river rock make this an attractive small bathroom remodel

1. With this bathroom remodel to create the illusion of a larger room these home owners got rid of two small closets and added task and ambient lighting. A shallow cabinet was incorporated because little space remained after the new tub and toilet. A fun detail of riverbed rock little width remained after incorporating the tub and toilet, so a shallow cabinet was incorporated.
Designer: Erica S. Westeroth, CKD XTC Design Incorporated, Toronto, ON

small bathroom remodel ideas

Retro looking bathroom remodel

2. The goal with This Bathroom remodel was to create a nostalgic style with a contemporary twist. Trumpet-shaped sconces flank an oval mirror that conceals a medicine cabinet. A frameless shower door extends the visual expanse of the space, while allowing unobstructed views of oversized subway and amber glass telework.

Designer: Sheila K. Tilander, CKD, CBD Showplace Design & Remodeling, Redmond, WA

no entry shower

A no entry shower creates an illusion of space in this bathroom remodel

3. In the third bathroom remodel a curbless entry to the shower eliminates the demarcation of a limited footprint. Continuous horizontal lines, a large, frameless mirror, and well-placed task lighting helps to create the illusion of a larger space. The marble-clad dividing wall lends modesty to the toilet area, while creating a recessed storage opportunity.
Designer: Gary Hentges, Hentges Construction, Inc., Urbana, IL