7 Cool Tech Trends in Remodeling

2014 Top Tech Trends in Remodeling

KITCHEN Remodels
Cook on your counter. Even better… cook on your next tablet.

Induction cook top for your kitchen remodelImagine cooking right on your countertop and the countertop never really getting hot. Induction cooktops can be installed by a competent remodeler to be almost seamless with your countertop. This video shows how induction cooktops control heat better, heat faster, and are safer than electric or gas ranges.
The next trend to watch for is to see your countertop turned into a massive computing tablet. What if you could answer phone calls, texts, and even search for recipes… incorporated into your counter/cooktop? Check out Whirlpool’s new prototype induction super-countertop (here).

Sneak TV & get music in the shower.

High Teck for the bathroo remodelThe Robern brand is producing some great high tech shower, vanity, and mirror accessories for the bathroom. Imagine hidden plugs, MP3 jacks, and a TV hidden in the mirror. Check it out here.
Their SoundTile technology lets you bring high quality audio into the shower through Polk Audio engineered, sleek, shower tile size speakers. Check it out here.

Stop worrying.

IN-HOME HEALTH MONITORINGThe stove was not left on. The front door was closed. Grandma is up and moving this morning. Organizations like SimplyHome can give you and your loved ones peace of mind by installing a variety of monitoring tools to maximize your family’s health and safety. Here is a video by SimplyHome showing some of their in-home health monitoring applications.

Quit fighting with your thermostat!

Nest is a new HVAC automation productNest is a new HVAC automation product that saves money and energy in your home. It is a “learning thermostat” that updates its programming every time you use it. Have your trusted remodeler or HVAC pro install Nest, begin using it as you would your old thermostat, and it immediately starts learning your habits and preferences! There is even an app that lets you control the system when you are not home. Learn more about Nest here. Consult your remodeler as even a smart thermostate will not correct for poor ducting and air flow design.
You can make everyone happy.
It is called Automated Zoning. ZoneFirst’s has plug and play control panels and dampers that can control over 100 zones if necessary! It doesn’t take long to consider the savings when you are not heating or cooling rooms unnecessarily. Here is video describing the system.

You can even have a “appy” house

Automated ZoningThere are many apps available for smartphones and tablets – both iOS and Android based – that offer convenient options that can easily be integrated into your next remodel. Lutron is an app that saves energy by regulating lights, remotely operating blinds and curtains, and sensing lighting needs by movement and time of day. The LiftMaster app allows you to operate your garage door, gate, or landscape lights from your smartphone.
This article here gives a “day in the life” of a “appy” House. Here is a cute video by Revolv of a lady showing up her date with her “appy” house.

Peace of mind has never been easier.

apps available for smartphones and tabletsJust about everyone has a home security system, and Mobotix has taken a leap of ingenuity and combined their systems with seamless wireless integration. You can control cameras, locks, and house alarms from your phone.
If you feel you need to take home security to the next level, here is a fun article sharing bunker rooms, hidden doors, infrared camera set-ups, burglar blaster pepper spray triggers, and more.


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