We talked to 5 remodelers. Steve was by far the easiest to work with.

Steve and his crew are open, honest and flexible. They can handle just about any task, giving them the ability to either do the task themselves or manage sub-contractors to do a quality job. They are able to work well with a very detail oriented homeowner. They listen well and they treated us like family. Steve is flexible enough to have details defined as you go resulting in a remodel done exactly the way you wanted. Steve also looked out for us, the homeowner to insure we did not get overly stressed during the remodel.

Steve and Cindy

Steve- I love the new kitchen. Thank you for all your hard work and advice. I’ll be sure to share my opinion of Portland Remodel with friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Best wishes!

I hired Portland Remodel for renovation of a medium sized bathroom that was out-of-date and had water damage. From day one, Portland Remodel came in and took care of everything. They were efficient and capable. They listened to what I wanted, and got the job done. I also felt comfortable with them working in the house when I was not able to be home. Now I have a bright, up-to-date bathroom that is simply beautiful. I am very happy the results and would highly recommend Portland Remodel for their quality work and business ethic.

–Kari R.

Steve, you and your company are the best. You can be sure we always keep you in mind and recommend you without reservation.

Thanks again,

Steve, Thanks for the great job you and your crew did. We no longer call it the bathroom, it’s “the spa”! We’re really enjoying it. I know you already know this, but Casey is really awesome and did a great job of communicating and getting the job done. I really appreciate him!
I enjoyed getting to know you, too, and hope to see you again and meet Susan.


There are many qualified remodel contractors out there. We chose to select the one that we liked. Someone that would bring our vision to life, and we would feel comfortable seeing every day; because that is the reality of a remodel. Someone that we would invite into our home with our friends and family. That someone was Steven Heiteen and his company Portland Remodel. No regrets.

James and Jeanne

Contractor Recommendation
In 2012 my wife and I relocated to Portland, Oregon. We had recently moved into our newly remodeled home and found that we were lacking closet space. We needed a reliable contractor who could complete the work in a timely, neat and clean fashion. I requested a proposal from Steve Heiteen of Portland Remodel to install 2 new closets into existing bedrooms. Having construction underway in your home while living in the same area is always a challenge no matter how well you plan. What is needed is a good plan and a contractor with a great reputation when it comes to execution and we found that in Portland Remodel.

First of all let me say that Steve was prompt with this proposal. No need for me to call back asking when he would have it ready. We met, walked the project and Steve was ready to discuss his proposal several days later. His outline of the work to be done was complete without exception. Steve laid out the schedule and detailed the job in terms of preparation, installation, timing and cleanup.

Once the work started all the promises were achieved and our expectations met. Steve provided daily updates via phone or in person, kept the project clean at all times and matched the existing conditions as promised.

In summary, we could not have had a better contractor. We would recommend Steve and his top quality crew. They will exceed your expectations and deliver a quality project that you will be proud of for years to come.

Thank you Steve and the crew of Portland Remodel.

David M and Susan
SW Portland