Energy Efficient Homes

Portland Remodel - Sustainability Remodels

Is your upstairs too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

Your home is a series of interconnected systems. With our expertise at Portland Remodel we can help guide you through any and all energy upgrades.

  • • You will get a comprehensive, whole house approach that will result in an energy efficient home.
  • • Find out about rebates and incentives that result in creating energy efficient homes.
  • • Get help in identifying rebates and incentives that will help reduce the cost of improvements.

There are many ways we can integrate green ideas whatever your budget or personal preferences. An energy efficient home can meet your goals of home comfort and at the same time minimize your impact on the environment. The result will help you to create a healthier and more durable home.

Some of the things to consider for energy efficient homes:

  • 1. Saving energy and water
  • 2. Using renewable energy
  • 3. Protecting rainwater and streams from pollution
  • 4. Recycling and reusing construction materials
  • 5. Selecting low-impact materials
  • 6. Reducing indoor pollutants, including mold and toxic chemicals
  • 7. Durability and long life
  • 8. Reducing maintenance

Remodeling an existing home is by nature the most sustainable choice. Portland Remodel has the experience and expertise to help you in creating an energy efficient home that you and your family can enjoy for many years.

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