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Bathroom Remodeling in Portland Oregon

Your bathroom plays an important role in your daily life. Your waking hours begin and end in your bathroom. The design of your bathroom should reflect your lifestyle and personality. A bathroom remodel or a bathroom addition is a great way to add value, function, and comfort to your home. When planning your bathroom remodeling project, remember to plan for not only current needs but future needs as well.

Types of bathroom remodeling projects to consider:

  • 1. The Master Bath is the most important space in the house next to the kitchen.The design of your master bath should include elements that define you. Think of it as your personal spa.
  • 2. The full bath is often a “family bathroom” for children and generally a space where function trumps fashion. Your three year old won’t care about that vessel sink or granite countertops.
  • 3. Three-quarter baths that include a toilet, sink, and shower are generally utilitarian and here too, a place where budget might not allow for heated floors or shower sprays and intricate tile work.
  • 4. The powder room: When you have guests over for a party, you want to give them a small sampling of what your home has to offer. The powder room can make a big impression.

Portland Remodel will work with you to ensure your bathroom remodeling project meets your needs and your budget. Take the first step and contact us at 503-244-3525. Let us visit your home and give you a complementary consultation. We will help you explore the countless possibilities for your new bathroom. Portland Remodel has more than two decades of experience remodeling some of the finest homes in Portland.

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