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Home Design in Portland, Oregon

Our job at Portland Remodel is to help you with the home design aspect of your project.
There are many things to consider.

As part of our overall home design consultation we will cover:

  1. 1. Help in defining your own design style
  2. 2. Evaluate your space and develop solutions to your concerns
  3. 3. Development of the overall home design concept
  4. 4. Teaming up with other professionals on your team –architect sub-contractors, vendors
  5. 5. Selection and arrangements for your furniture and accessory needs.

We will help you with elements of your home design such convenience of use, constructability, curb appeal, resale value, energy efficiency, and any other things you may have overlooked. We can help you save money by incorporating energy saving technology and healthy building materials.

As remodeling experts we specialize in finding creative solutions to any and all design situations.
We have over 20 years of hands – on experience in all aspects of residential and light commercial construction.

Contact us for a review of your remodeling needs. 503-244-3525

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