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The beginning of your outdoor living transformation.

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A custom deck design is the start of your remodeled outdoor environment. A new deck will add more living space to your home and more leisure time to your life.

There are many options when it comes to decks and patios.

Here are some questions and ideas to help you get the planning process under way.

    1. Location. A few things to consider about decks when planning:

  • • Will the deck or patio sit in full sun, or a partially shaded spot?
  • • Any related maintenance concerns like drainage, for example?
  • • How will you access the house from your deck?
  • • How will the deck or patio relate to neighboring homes?
    2. Design. A deck design or patio should fit the style of the house

  • • A period home, that might translate into paving and stone walls.
  • • A modern home might need more sleek decking.
  • • Accessories like planter boxes and built-in seating or fire pits could be integrated

3. Materials and maintenance.There are many choices when it comes to materials for outdoor spaces. There are synthetic and natural products, each with its own particular upkeep requirements. The elements can damage natural wood decks, for example, and they require regular attention (paint or stain, plus a clear coat of oil or water-based sealant). In terms of value with low maintenance, a long-wearing paver patio may be an attractive option.

4. Budget. When deciding a deck design, create a realistic “must-have” vs. “nice-to-have” list. This will become a guide for your budget. Portland Remodel can help guide you every step of the way.

5. Permits. There are codes and safety requirements in most towns if the deck is higher than 18 inches or larger than 100 square feet. Be sure to cover the bases before construction begins. At Portland Remodel we can take care of this part of the planning so the process goes smoothly.

If you would like a consultation on a new deck design, please call us at 503-244-3525.

Check out our Deck Design portfolio.