Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Teen’s Room

Are you trying to think of simple ways to decorate your teen’s room without breaking the bank?
Some ideas from Portland Remodel- You don’t have to completely redecorate the room – with a new theme – to give it a new look. Here are some ideas to get you started. Our fourteen year old is excited to be involved in ‘remodeling’ his room. It will be a great and productive summer family project.

Before Decorating
The first thing you should do before undertaking a new room-decorating project is to clean it up. Wash all windows, carpets, floors and walls. And most importantly, get rid of anything the teen doesn’t want or use anymore. Donate, recycle or sell – and if there is something sentimental that a teen wants to hold onto but not display (such as a stuffed animal), box it up and store it in the basement or attic.

Once everything is clean and clutter-free, try a new layout of the room. Often this change alone can have a big impact and make the room feel more unique. Besides rearranging the bed and dresser, some other ideas include incorporating bookshelves, stands, lamps and even lounge furniture (such as a couch or chair) into their room. Teens love to hibernate in their room – why not make it comfortable for them to study, listen to music and just hang out?

Often the easiest way to change the “vibe” of a room is by giving the room a fresh coat of paint. Why not add to the room by painting a groovy accent color? Other wall options teens may like are adding wallpaper or painting a mural on just one wall.

Painting Furniture
If you have a table, bookshelf, stands or lamps that you don’t mind painting, you could also try repainting a piece or two to make them bolder or lighter. Depending on the color you choose, these little projects can change the atmosphere of the room completely.

Artwork is a great way for teens to express their style, and often it doesn’t take a lot of money to really transform a room using “art.” One idea is to hang a few blacklight posters and use a black light to illuminate the room psychedelically. You may also want to incorporate a lava lamp into the mix. This will make your teen’s room look pretty “groovy,” especially at night.

Teens like to show their creative side, and sometimes their “funky” ideas are a little out there – but if you are okay with allowing them to experiment a bit with their space, the result can be a perfect haven for them to hang out with their friends.