Summer Cleaning, Prepare for Fall

Most people will agree that spring is the best time to thoroughly clean your home (hence the term “spring cleaning”). Well spring has come and gone So if you did not have the time, there is still the summer to get these simple chores done. One reason why it can be a good time to clean is because you can “air out” your home by opening your windows while cleaning. You can also inspect areas around the outside of your home that you may not have been able to see or reach during the cold and icy winter months.

Here are some home maintenance tips for spring or summer to help keep your home in good working condition:

Check the gutters to see if they are loose or wobbly. Loose gutters can lead to poor drainage, and some of the water may find its way into the crevasses of your home if not fixed immediately. It is also important to check the spouting running from the eaves to the ground, to ensure there isn’t any debris blocking a clean exit.

Make sure the grading around your home slopes away from your foundation. During spring rains, water can puddle, so it is important that your yard slope away from the foundation. Grading shifts often occur during soggy months or when you alter the landscaping around your home. Water that puddles against the foundation can cause cracks and other moisture damage.

Check wood for damage. The dampness of winter may cause the wood around windows, doors and railing to become weak; if left in this condition, it may even fall apart. You can use a screwdriver to prod the wood to determine the level of damage done, and if there is any, identify the steps necessary to repair (or replace) it.

Inspect and clean your chimney. Now that you are done using your wood-burning stove for the year, it is the ideal time to inspect the chimney and get it cleaned and ready for next fall and winter.

Remember to invest the time in making small repairs now – before they turn into larger hassles later on. And for complex problems, consult a professional. It is more important to remain safe than it is to save a few bucks.