3 Essential Supplies for Organizing Your Home

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Cleaning out the clutter that accumulates in your home can seem like an impossible task. You have to sift through knick-knacks and other collectables that have accumulated on dusty shelves, and rifle through closets with piles of clothing – all in the hopes of finding more space. However, with the right supplies in hand, you can successfully tackle even the largest home organization project.

The first essential supply for organizing your home is trash bags – and plenty of them. After all, the first step to uncluttering your home is to get items you no longer need or use out of your house (that’s where clutter comes from, right?). Here’s how you tackle those items:
• If something is broken, throw it out.
• For items that are still in good working order but are no longer used by your family, designate those items for donation. Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

You’ll also want plenty of storage containers. These will be used to store the items that you might need or only occasionally use – such as seasonal items. Boxes are great way to consolidate and organize a bunch of stuff into a finite amount of space. Then, once you have everything packed up, you can stack the boxes in a storage closet, basement, attic or garage to keep them out of the way.

Finally, you’ll want to have labels and a labeling system. You don’t have to be fancy – a Sharpie marker and masking tape will do the trick – but you will want to label items you are donating and those are you storing.

Planning your organization and having the right tools will help keep the clutter away in the future.