Sleek Modern Kitchen Remodel

Shallow depth refrigerator

  1. Portland Remodel is always looking for interesting ways to make your kitchen not only efficient but current. Perlick makes a shallow depth refrigerator. It is only 18 inches deep and is perfect for an under counter refrigerator. It is a  great idea for a modern sleek design for a kitchen remodel. Check out Portland Remodel’s other kitchen remodels.

Creative Storage Ideas from Portland Remodel

creative ways to store wine

Tis the season for parties and wine. Portland Remodel has great ideas for how to store your wine using ‘dead space’ that you already have. An area like under the stairs as shown here is the perfect space to remodel into creative, attractive and most importantly usable space. Portland Remodel has over 20 years of experience and we are full of ideas to help you use the space you have more efficiently. Whether it is a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel or any other spaces in your home we can help.


Portland Remodel Services

Portland Remodel has been serving the Portland metro area for over 20 years. We specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We have a process that involves evaluating your project using a holistic approach to make sure there is minimal impact on the rest of your home. Check out the list of our services . To contact us you can call us at 503-244-3525.

Rising Numbers for Home Remodeling Projects


Remember back in 2005 when it seemed that everyone had a remodeling project going on? The Remodeling Marketing Index shows that we are headed there again!
The RMI measures the number of contractors who report an increase in activity and it has been steadily rising. Currently, we are seeing that more contractors show increases than decreases. That’s a great sign! According to NAHB Remodelers Chairman George “Geep” Moore Jr., “The strength of the RMI, especially in owner-occupied properties, shows that home owners are investing in remodels as home prices stabilize. As owners become more confident that investments in housing will hold their value, they are beginning to undertake projects to improve their comfort that they had been putting off.” This is good news for the entire housing industry!
It appears that homeowners are doing more remodeling projects. The difference is that they’re being smart about them. Smaller renovations are where it’s at right now. Minor improvements, repairs, simple updates and small projects are still leading the pack, but major projects like additions and complete room remodels are also on the rise.
Bathroom remodels seem to be at the top of the list right now. Customers know they can get a good price on materials from local suppliers including discounted tile, remnant countertop material and plumbing fixtures. By saving on these products, they are able to afford the reputable contractors they really want to hire rather than the fly-by-night remodeler who promises to do it at half price in half the time then never finished the project.
A huge red flag in this industry is if you meet with a contractor and they never once ask about your budget. A fair and honest contractor will discuss not only your project but your budget with you. They will help you to set realistic goals for your project, plan a design that works within your budget and then STICK TO IT!
Lastly, As always, if you’re planning a project and want to know where to begin please feel free to call Portland Remodel at 503-244-3525 for an estimate. We’re happy to help!

Hug it Forward Schools-Eco Friendly Schools

School House

Came across this web site and was just amazed at what these folks are doing. Local children collect empty soda bottles and fill them full of ship bags and candy wrappers resulting in what they call “eco-bricks”. They are then placed between chicken wire panels and covered with cement toe create the walls of the structure. This photo is in La Gloria, the site of Hug It Forward’s eleventh bottle school, is a small agricultural village in the remote cloud forests of Quiche. It is about 5 hours from the municipal capital of Uspantán in an area called the Zona Reina. The Zona Reina is a secluded region of Quiche, which was only accessible by airplane until 2007 when the government built a small one-lane dirt road. The area still does not have electricity or running water. Check out the web site for Hug if Forward

Not your typical remodeling job but how brilliant to use ‘garbage’ to create eco-friendly schools for kids.

Mini-kitchens May be the Answer if….

kitchen remodeling
1. A grown child moves back home.
2. An elderly parent moves in.
3 .A game room, home theater or pool cabana is created.
4. A work-at-home executive needs a hospitality center.
5 .The kids are finally gone and a master bedroom suite is created.
6. A luxury guest suite is desired for seasonal guests.
7. Where zoning allows, a studio apartment is desired to help pay the mortgage.
8 .An elderly couple needs an apartment for their live-in care giver.
Mini-kitchens can be a great solution for all of the above situations.
The Unique Solution
Complete mini-kitchens are concealed inside beautiful armoires so that smaller, multi-task rooms aren’t compromised by a messy kitchen.
Contact Portland Remodel to talk about your kitchen remodeling project.

Portland Remodel on The 5 Basics of Home Decorating

Decorating Ideas
Do you want to decorate your home but don’t know where to start? Home décor can be fun for some but a challenge for others. While part of home style is made of details and accessories, it is also important to recognize home décor basics before you try to incorporate popular trends into your design.

Basic #1: Keep it simple. Simplicity is not about being boring; instead, think warm, inviting and stylish. The overall objective is to keep your home looking tasteful yet uncluttered. Did you know that studies have shown that clutter can cause stress in your life? Keeping your décor simple will help create a more relaxing environment.

Basic #2: Function. Clean lines, minimal artwork and simple accessories should be coupled with functionality. Each room’s purpose will naturally vary, but when decorating your home, keep in mind that the room also needs to be useful.

Basic #3: Technology. When it comes to technology and home décor, it is important to keep technology in context to the space: don’t overdo it, because not all electronics will fit all spaces. Remember the first two basics of home decorating are to keep it simple and functional. For instance, your overall goal should be to tie together your flat-screen TV, surround-sound stereo system, computer and DVD player (to name a few) into a room in a flattering and uncluttered fashion. If you have wires and cords running all over the place, this creates havoc and will not lend to a relaxing and enjoyable space.

Basic #4: Create Open Space. This task may be difficult, especially if your home has closed rooms. Hiring a remodeler may help you create the open space you desire. Sometimes asking the advice of a professional who has a trained eye can really make a difference in how you can open up the space – with just a few minor renovations. They can also make the space feel larger by using the right colors, fabrics and furniture, helping you to achieve the best possible results.

Basic #5: Add Character. Your remodeler has the skills and expertise to make your living space distinctive. Sometimes adding a chair rail or crown molding can create uniqueness in the space. You’d be surprised how adding a little character can bring any room to life.
Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or just looking for a style change, the first step in achieving a flowing and attractive space for your home is knowing where to begin. And that all starts with the basics.


Portland Remodel Aging in Place Specialists

Aging in place84 percent of baby boomers want to stay in their homes. but only 16 percent have taken any steps to do so. Instead of waiting until you absolutely need it choose to incorporate universal design principles as you update. Portland Remodel is an Aging in Place certified company.

Consider there design tips for your next kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel:

  1. Curbless or walk-in shower
  2. Variable-height shower-heads for standing or seated bathing
  3. No-slip surfaces; textured tiles with lots of grout lines
  4. Grab bar for shower,tub and toilets
  5. Lever-style or electronic sensor faucets in kitchens and bathrooms
  6. Chair-height toilets
  7. Lever-style door handles and simple drawer pulls
  8. Lighted magnified mirror that tilt

Using Glass in Your Bathroom Remodel

Glass tile Bathroom Remodel When remodeling your bathroom, a glass backsplash is both resistant to water and stylish. Glass backsplashes are made from toughened glass that does not crack easily. Moreover, the opaqueness is perfect to cover up unsightly pipes and wires on your bathroom walls. Glass is a sure fire way to ensure that you bathroom looks stylish and spotless for years to come.

Portland Remodel specializes in Bathroom Remodels. This photo was a beautiful bathroom remodel that was featured in Portland’s Tour of Remodeled Homes.

Some interesting facts we found on glass:Americans generated 11.5 million tons of glass in 2010 – about 27 percent of which was recycled, according to the EPA. Nearly 90 percent of recycled glass is used to make new containers. But creative greenies are finding some slightly more unconventional uses for the material – filtering water, crafting jewelry and even decorating casinos.