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A Pet Friendly Home

Inspired by this Remodelista post, we have some remodeling suggestions for a more pet friendly home.


A pet door

This creative pet door is not only adorable, but also acts as a place for your pooch to call home when you can’t have him in your home. Perfect for colder climates, your dog can camp out in his little space and go outside when he needs to.


An outdoor shower

Particularly useful in coastal or muddy climates (like Oregon), an outdoor shower is a simple installation that you can make to ensure your pet doesn’t muck up your home’s interior. For pools days, or days at the beach, make the shower human friendly too.

Architect-Kimberly-Peck-converted-barn-living-room-RemodelistaA concrete floor

Concrete is not only an environmentally friendly flooring solution, it is also great for pet-owner’s homes. Incredibly durable and easy to clean, concrete never has to be replaced. Concrete floors also stay cool, much to the pleasure of your pet.

Think Small


Per this article and Michael Anderson of Bike Portland, tiny homes (or ADUs, accessory dwelling units) now make up about three percent of new dwellings in the city of Portland. That’s one in ten homes! These tiny and sometimes portable homes are 800 square feet or less, slightly bigger than most one-bedroom apartments. Most of these small homes are newly constructed on empty plots of land, including this 740 square foot beauty by Portland couple Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel.

According to the NY times article about the house, The Copenagle-Kennel home was completed in 2012 and cost about $135,000 to build, including materials and labor. Not a lot for your dream home!

Whether you want to build your own tiny home or want to remodel a current small space to better suit your living needs, here are some ideas to get your started:



Lofts are a great way to utilize vertical space. Rather than building additions to your home for extra sleeping space, build up!


Creative Space

The image to the left is of a one-room London apartment  which, with some creative thinking, feels like three. The kitchen fits a sink, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, and induction range behind a fold out door which, when closed, transforms the kitchen into the living room. Fold-out or rolling doors and clever storage space can make a single space suit your varied needs.

A Testimonial


William’s NE home.

Client William Woods very graciously agreed to talk with us about his home repair and why he chose Portland Remodel to tackle the job. Thanks William!
Tell us about your home.

Our house is in NE Portland and is 110 years old.  We have lived here 14 years.

Why did you hire Portland Remodel over other remodeling services?

I needed some cosmetic structural repair done before I could paint the house. I have worked with Steve from Portland Remodel in the past. Steve is the only contractor I talked to that I trusted.  He obviously knows what he is doing.

What are you happiest about with Portland Remodel’s services? What do you love most about your new space?

Portland Remodel is a great resource.  They will return your call and they are very familiar with the Portland area permitting process.  They kept me informed on their progress and did a good clean up job. Steve has a broad background in constructions and has the resources to get a project done from beginning to end.

Do you want to repair or remodel your home? Contact us for a free consultation!

Rising Numbers for Home Remodeling Projects


Remember back in 2005 when it seemed that everyone had a remodeling project going on? The Remodeling Marketing Index shows that we are headed there again!
The RMI measures the number of contractors who report an increase in activity and it has been steadily rising. Currently, we are seeing that more contractors show increases than decreases. That’s a great sign! According to NAHB Remodelers Chairman George “Geep” Moore Jr., “The strength of the RMI, especially in owner-occupied properties, shows that home owners are investing in remodels as home prices stabilize. As owners become more confident that investments in housing will hold their value, they are beginning to undertake projects to improve their comfort that they had been putting off.” This is good news for the entire housing industry!
It appears that homeowners are doing more remodeling projects. The difference is that they’re being smart about them. Smaller renovations are where it’s at right now. Minor improvements, repairs, simple updates and small projects are still leading the pack, but major projects like additions and complete room remodels are also on the rise.
Bathroom remodels seem to be at the top of the list right now. Customers know they can get a good price on materials from local suppliers including discounted tile, remnant countertop material and plumbing fixtures. By saving on these products, they are able to afford the reputable contractors they really want to hire rather than the fly-by-night remodeler who promises to do it at half price in half the time then never finished the project.
A huge red flag in this industry is if you meet with a contractor and they never once ask about your budget. A fair and honest contractor will discuss not only your project but your budget with you. They will help you to set realistic goals for your project, plan a design that works within your budget and then STICK TO IT!
Lastly, As always, if you’re planning a project and want to know where to begin please feel free to call Portland Remodel at 503-244-3525 for an estimate. We’re happy to help!