Bathroom Remodels

Aging In Place

With over 70 million baby boomers entering their golden years, it’s time to reassess conventional home layouts.  Rather than move to assisted living communities, many boomers are opting to age in place, transforming their long-time homes to suit their changing needs. With a little inspiration and some clever remodeling, you can stay where you love without sacrificing style or safety. Here are some changes you can make:



    • Grab bars and rails. Many manufacturers are producing beautiful, sturdy grab bars and rails. Install one in your shower and next to your toilet for extra help.
    • Threshold-free showers. Low-threshold shower floors mean easy entry, a gentle slope and a wide area for more comfortable, confident movement. Add anti-slip tile for extra safety.
    • Lower toilets and sinks. Toilets can be installed at any height to accommodate seated or standing position. Shorter toilets reduce strain on the body, and make sitting down and standing up easier for people of all ages.



  •  Lower counter tops and customize cabinets. Pull-out cabinetry, slide-out shelves, and other organizational solutions help bring items closer to the homeowner and remove frustrating digging. Smooth cabinet tops make for easier cleaning and bright cabinet lighting makes it easy to see at night. Some homeowners are opting to remove cabinets altogether.
  • Consider space. This is a good rule for all areas of the home, particularly if you need to consider wheelchair space. Remove obstacles, such as kitchen islands and create threshold-free entries between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Add non-slip flooring for a safer area.
  • The right appliances. Once you’ve remodeled your kitchen, be sure to equip it with safe, reliable appliances. Single lever faucets, gas ranges with automatic shutoff, and working smoke detectors are a great place to start.

3 Small Bathroom Remodels

A Bathroom remodel is a very popular home improvement these days. But what if you have a small space that cannot be increased?

Older home bathrooms average about 5- by 8-feet. But you can combat that claustrophobic feeling by scaling down physically to save space. There are things you can do to create an illusion of a roomy bathroom. With lighting and the right colors and perhaps a pedestal sink amazing things can be done.
Here are 3 ideas to make your small bathroom appear larger.

A small Bathroom Remodel

Built in Cabinets and river rock make this an attractive small bathroom remodel

1. With this bathroom remodel to create the illusion of a larger room these home owners got rid of two small closets and added task and ambient lighting. A shallow cabinet was incorporated because little space remained after the new tub and toilet. A fun detail of riverbed rock little width remained after incorporating the tub and toilet, so a shallow cabinet was incorporated.
Designer: Erica S. Westeroth, CKD XTC Design Incorporated, Toronto, ON

small bathroom remodel ideas

Retro looking bathroom remodel

2. The goal with This Bathroom remodel was to create a nostalgic style with a contemporary twist. Trumpet-shaped sconces flank an oval mirror that conceals a medicine cabinet. A frameless shower door extends the visual expanse of the space, while allowing unobstructed views of oversized subway and amber glass telework.

Designer: Sheila K. Tilander, CKD, CBD Showplace Design & Remodeling, Redmond, WA

no entry shower

A no entry shower creates an illusion of space in this bathroom remodel

3. In the third bathroom remodel a curbless entry to the shower eliminates the demarcation of a limited footprint. Continuous horizontal lines, a large, frameless mirror, and well-placed task lighting helps to create the illusion of a larger space. The marble-clad dividing wall lends modesty to the toilet area, while creating a recessed storage opportunity.
Designer: Gary Hentges, Hentges Construction, Inc., Urbana, IL

Chill out in the Shower with a bathroom remodeling idea

kohler showerhead

Rock out in your shower

Now when you remodel your bathroom you can take your music into the shower with the Moxie Showerhead. The Moxie speaker plays wirelessly in or out of the shower. The wireless speaker plays up to 7 hours of music. Easy to use; the magnetic speaker pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging. Learn more…
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Different Stlyes, Different Tiles for your Bathroom

River RockRiver Rock Tile
This shower floor’s river-rock tiles from Tile By Design offer the perfect accent to the light blue Walker Zanger wall tile. Even better, they come on mesh sheets for easy installation.

Earth tonesMix It Up Tile
Break up a plain beige wall with these earth-toned tile that create a modern look. There is a visual interest with an asymmetrical, geometric pattern using tile of different shape and sizes.

Bathroom tileMix & Match Tile
Mixing and matching various colors, finishes and materials can create depth. The tile is made from recycled bottles.


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