The Crew

Steven Heiteen | Portland Remodel

Steven – Founder and Owner

Steven has been working in the construction field since college. Originally from Chicago he worked in his families’ remodeling business for 13 years rising from apprentice to journeymen carpenter to estimator to project manager. There he gained the experience of working in all types of homes, historic restorations, high-rise condos, and various commercial projects. Steven started Portland Remodel in 1992 and has brought that vast experience to this market building custom homes, all types of residential remodeling projects, and light commercial work. Steven is an industry leader both locally and nationally which has kept our firm on the leading edge of the industry. Steven enjoys photography, travel, cooking and raising his 2 sons with his wife Susan.

Portland Remodel - Susan

Susan – Office Manager

Susan has multiple roles at Portland Remodel. She keeps the books in order; the office organized and develops our web site and other marketing materials. When she is not working for Portland Remodel she spends time in the studio Steven built her behind their home in southwest Portland, or volunteering at their sons’ school. You can check out her work at

 Portland Remodel - Casey

Casey – Carpenter

Casey is a graduate of Benson Poly Technical High School where he majored in the Architectural Drafting Program. Casey ,also a native of Portland came to Portland Remodel as an apprentice Carpenter. He has worked for Portland Remodel for  11  1/2 years and achieved the level Lead Carpenter and Project Manager.

Portland Remodel - Todd

Todd – Carpenter

Todd is a native of Lake Oswego. His father and grandfather were both carpenters and worked in the lumber industry .He spent 10 years running his own business in Maritime Construction .His specialties include excavation and exterior finishing. Todd has been employed at Portland Remodel for 10 1/2 years. He has an 21 year old daughter.