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Chill out in the Shower with a bathroom remodeling idea

kohler showerhead

Rock out in your shower

Now when you remodel your bathroom you can take your music into the shower with the Moxie Showerhead. The Moxie speaker plays wirelessly in or out of the shower. The wireless speaker plays up to 7 hours of music. Easy to use; the magnetic speaker pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging. Learn more…
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How to Fix a Leaky toilet

fix a leaky toilet
I had an interesting conversation with the Portland Water Bureau today after I got our water bill. It was almost $100 higher then the previous quarter bill. We thought it would be beneficial to all homeowners to read this article.

Toilets use about 26% of all the water in an average American home. They are also one of the likeliest places to find leaks that can waste as much as thousands of gallons per month.
A leaky toilet can be expensive. Save money and water by fixing simple toilet leaks yourself. This will not only reduce your water bill and prevent clean water from being sent to the treatment plant, but will also reduce stress on the larger drinking water system. Follow these easy steps to repair common toilet leaks. Read more…

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