Monthly Archives: December 2012

Sleek Modern Kitchen Remodel

Shallow depth refrigerator

  1. Portland Remodel is always looking for interesting ways to make your kitchen not only efficient but current. Perlick makes a shallow depth refrigerator. It is only 18 inches deep and is perfect for an under counter refrigerator. It is a  great idea for a modern sleek design for a kitchen remodel. Check out Portland Remodel’s other kitchen remodels.

Creative Storage Ideas from Portland Remodel

creative ways to store wine

Tis the season for parties and wine. Portland Remodel has great ideas for how to store your wine using ‘dead space’ that you already have. An area like under the stairs as shown here is the perfect space to remodel into creative, attractive and most importantly usable space. Portland Remodel has over 20 years of experience and we are full of ideas to help you use the space you have more efficiently. Whether it is a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel or any other spaces in your home we can help.