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Mini-kitchens May be the Answer if….

kitchen remodeling
1. A grown child moves back home.
2. An elderly parent moves in.
3 .A game room, home theater or pool cabana is created.
4. A work-at-home executive needs a hospitality center.
5 .The kids are finally gone and a master bedroom suite is created.
6. A luxury guest suite is desired for seasonal guests.
7. Where zoning allows, a studio apartment is desired to help pay the mortgage.
8 .An elderly couple needs an apartment for their live-in care giver.
Mini-kitchens can be a great solution for all of the above situations.
The Unique Solution
Complete mini-kitchens are concealed inside beautiful armoires so that smaller, multi-task rooms aren’t compromised by a messy kitchen.
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Portland Remodel on The 5 Basics of Home Decorating

Decorating Ideas
Do you want to decorate your home but don’t know where to start? Home décor can be fun for some but a challenge for others. While part of home style is made of details and accessories, it is also important to recognize home décor basics before you try to incorporate popular trends into your design.

Basic #1: Keep it simple. Simplicity is not about being boring; instead, think warm, inviting and stylish. The overall objective is to keep your home looking tasteful yet uncluttered. Did you know that studies have shown that clutter can cause stress in your life? Keeping your décor simple will help create a more relaxing environment.

Basic #2: Function. Clean lines, minimal artwork and simple accessories should be coupled with functionality. Each room’s purpose will naturally vary, but when decorating your home, keep in mind that the room also needs to be useful.

Basic #3: Technology. When it comes to technology and home décor, it is important to keep technology in context to the space: don’t overdo it, because not all electronics will fit all spaces. Remember the first two basics of home decorating are to keep it simple and functional. For instance, your overall goal should be to tie together your flat-screen TV, surround-sound stereo system, computer and DVD player (to name a few) into a room in a flattering and uncluttered fashion. If you have wires and cords running all over the place, this creates havoc and will not lend to a relaxing and enjoyable space.

Basic #4: Create Open Space. This task may be difficult, especially if your home has closed rooms. Hiring a remodeler may help you create the open space you desire. Sometimes asking the advice of a professional who has a trained eye can really make a difference in how you can open up the space – with just a few minor renovations. They can also make the space feel larger by using the right colors, fabrics and furniture, helping you to achieve the best possible results.

Basic #5: Add Character. Your remodeler has the skills and expertise to make your living space distinctive. Sometimes adding a chair rail or crown molding can create uniqueness in the space. You’d be surprised how adding a little character can bring any room to life.
Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or just looking for a style change, the first step in achieving a flowing and attractive space for your home is knowing where to begin. And that all starts with the basics.