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‘You Made our House a Home’


Home for troubled boys, Cordero House in Tigard

Cordero House in Tigard

Portland Remodel had the priveledge of working on a project over the last couple of years that will change the lives of homeless young boys for many years to come. Tigard’s Cordero House, a home for troubled boys, celebrated its newly completed renovations on July 14th. Our crew did all the framing and more. The plaque on the front of the house read ” Thank You Home Builders Foundation, You Made our House a Home”. Read more…

GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater

Performance – and savings –in a sleek design
A new design from GE might make you want to place your electric water heater front and center. A recent release of the EnergyStar-rated hybrid is designed as a smart replacement for existing water heaters. The 50-gallon model uses standard plumbing and electrical connections to reudce installation time. The evaporator unit on top is a special feature that pulls ambient air and transfer that heat into the water tank. GE estimates that the GeoSpring uses 50-percent less energy than your standard water heater and can save your household an average of $320 per year.

Deck Tip

Here is a way to see if you need some help with your deck. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the cracks on your deck. If you can insert more than a qurter of an inch, or if the wood feels spongy of breaks off without splintering, this could indicate rot. Make a deck inspection an annual affair.